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Zhou Haijiang Honored with the Title of 'Outstanding Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province'

Published in: 2023-10-24

"On October 23, the provincial conference on advancing new industrialization was held. The conference made important deployments on how Jiangsu, known as the 'manufacturing powerhouse,' should actively engage in the new stage of high-quality development and take the initiative in promoting new industrialization. During the event, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government commended the 'Outstanding Enterprises of Jiangsu Province' and honored Zhou Haijiang with the title of 'Outstanding Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province.'"



"Under the leadership of Zhou Haijiang, Hongdou Group has a history of 66 years. Since resigning from a teaching position at Hohai University in 1987 to join the entrepreneurial journey of Hongdou, Zhou Haijiang has worked hand in hand with the Hongdou team for over 30 years. He led Hongdou Group's transformation from a township enterprise to a large private enterprise group. Through a series of reforms and innovations, he accelerated the transformation and upgrading of Hongdou, rapidly elevating the corporate image and brand image. Focusing on the clothing, tire, and pharmaceutical industries, the group continuously evolved and upgraded. For 20 consecutive years, it has been at the forefront of the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises and the Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises. For nine consecutive years, it has been listed among the Top 100 of China's 500 Most Valuable Brands, becoming an outstanding representative of the development and growth of Chinese private enterprises."

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