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Hongdou Group Holds Elderly Care Charity Event for Nine Consecutive Years

Published in: 2023-10-23

"October 23rd marks the Double Ninth Festival, also known as 'Senior Citizens' Day.' In 2023, the Hongdou Love, Cedar Assists Longevity charity event, aimed at caring for centenarians, was held at Hongdou Cedar Manor in Wuxi. This marks the ninth consecutive year that the Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation has organized the centenarian care event. During the event, 41 outstanding individuals who provided excellent rationalization suggestions under Hongdou Group's 'Win-Win All Around' initiative were also recognized. Zhou Haijiang distributed 100,000 yuan in compassionate subsidies to ten newly added centenarians in Donggang Town."


"Donggang Town, located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, is hailed as a 'longevity town.' The number of centenarians here has been increasing year by year, with currently 20 centenarians and over 680 individuals aged between 90 and 99. This unique longevity phenomenon is associated with the large groves of red cedar trees planted by the Hongdou Group. Research has found that red cedar contains the anti-cancer substance 'paclitaxel' and effectively purifies air pollution, positively impacting the health of local residents. Donggang Town boasts a superior ecological environment and a strong tradition of filial piety, reflecting the significant meaning and value of Hongdou Group's commitment to caring for centenarians and developing 'green industries.'"


" Hongdou Group has always attached importance to promoting filial piety culture and is passionate about elderly public welfare. The Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation, with a donation of 20 million yuan from Zhou Haijiang, the chairman of Hongdou Group, and his son, has actively participated in various charity activities since its establishment. Notably, the 'Caring for Centenarians' charity event held for nine consecutive years has provided a total of 7.4 million yuan in care subsidies to 74 centenarians in Donggang Town."


"The centenarians living in Donggang Town enjoy a 'distinctive' happiness, as expressed by Zhang Jianhong, the grandson of centenarian Yan Juandi: 'Centenarians living in Donggang Town are truly fortunate. With Hongdou Group, a large enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, not only leading local economic development but also actively fulfilling social responsibilities by caring for centenarians, they are doing great deeds that benefit the community. This makes us feel a special sense of happiness.'" 

"Hongdou Group not only demonstrates social responsibility through the centenarian care event but also actively engages in charity in various fields. To date, Hongdou Group has donated funds and goods exceeding 580 million yuan for various social welfare causes. These funds are used not only to assist the elderly but also to support poverty alleviation, help the needy, assist orphans and the disabled, among other areas."


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