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Hongdou Comfortable Menswear Collaborates with International Design Master, Reshaping the Winter Down Comfort Experience

Published in: 2023-10-13

"In September this year, Hongdou Comfortable Menswear joined forces with the former visual master of DIOR, making a grand entrance into France, the UK, and Italy. This move quickly went viral, sparking discussions in domestic and international media. On the international fashion forefront in London, the brand unveiled its new comfortable product, ‘Hongdou Comfortable Warm Goose Down Jacket,' signalling Hongdou Comfortable Menswear's poised breakthrough, breaking boundaries, and reshaping the cozy winter experience of down jackets."


"Hongdou Comfortable Menswear collaborated with the former visual master of DIOR to create the Comfortable Warm Goose Down Jacket. One is a seasoned professional in the fashion industry providing designs for luxury brands, and the other is a Chinese classic menswear brand with a 66-year history. Both sides had an immediate understanding of comfort, and their shared concepts and pursuits collided to spark the flame of inspiration. After hundreds of design drafts and dozens of sample iterations, the creative design was finally put into practice."


" Hongdou Comfortable Menswear selected high-quality large pieces of luxurious white goose down for the jacket, ensuring superior warmth. The key to its distinctiveness lies in the comfortable fabric— Hongdou pioneered a knitted fabric that is light, soft, and elastic. The inner lining also utilizes a skin-friendly fabric to address static issues during winter, achieving true comfort both inside and out, balancing style with warmth."





"Guided by the principle of 'human comfort,' Hongdou Comfortable Menswear integrates Chinese traditional craftsmanship and an international perspective into the design. The combination of 90 large, high-quality white goose-down pieces, the innovative Hongdou knitted ultra-soft fabric, and the temperature-locking skin-friendly lining enhances the warmth, softness, and skin-friendliness of this goose-down jacket. Additionally, 8 high-end processes and accessories are used, all aiming to provide a luxurious level of comfort for more individuals."

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