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Hongdou Comfortable Menswear's National Day Store Popularity Soars, Achieving Record Sales

Published in: 2023-10-07

"The National Day holiday coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, creating an extended 8-day 'super golden week,' which can be considered the 'hottest' holiday of the year. The fervent consumer market reflects the robust resilience and vigorous vitality of the economy. Seizing the golden week marketing opportunities and employing multiple measures to promote comfortable consumption, Hongdou Comfortable Menswear's nationwide stores experienced a sales peak, setting consecutive records and presenting an impressive sales report."


"During the Golden Week in October, Hongdou Comfortable Menswear witnessed a grand opening of 108 stores, celebrating the opening of hundreds of stores and thousands of stores, making a powerful entry into the comfortable menswear market. Hongdou Menswear showcased its fresh store image in various cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, Jinan, Luoyang, etc., establishing a presence in high-potential business districts in major cities across the country. The comfortable shopping environment and a wide variety of comfortable menswear products provided a comprehensive, comfortable experience for local consumers."


"With the arrival of autumn and the abrupt drop in temperature, many consumers took advantage of the holidays to go shopping with their families, entering the 'buying' mode to add new clothing for the season. Hongdou Comfortable Menswear stores were bustling with crowds, and users who came to try on and purchase continuously streamed in, resulting in continuous transactions and record-breaking sales for six consecutive days. Hongdou’s 0-Feel Comfortable Shirts, Comfortable Stretch Jackets, Lightweight Down Jackets, Comfortable Warm Goose Down Jackets, and other autumn and winter comfortable series became hot-selling items, with increasing popularity, injecting new vitality into comfortable menswear consumption."


"The new generation of comfortable shirts, ‘Hongdou 0-Feel Comfortable Shirts,' has accumulated sales exceeding 800,000 pieces, leading in sales of high-end shirts nationwide, allowing more people to wear luxurious, comfortable menswear." 

"Hongdou Comfortable Menswear, in collaboration with DIOR's former visual master, jointly created the Hongdou Comfortable Warm Goose Down Jacket, showcasing the brand's breakthrough in the down jacket category. The Comfortable Warm Goose Down Jacket uses 90 large-high-quality white geese down pieces, innovative soft knitted fabrics, and 3D locking temperature delicate and comfortable linings, providing a lighter, softer, and more flexible warm experience for the body. With classic designs and colour combinations, it is suitable for wearing in business settings as well. Hongdou Comfortable Menswear integrates technological craftsmanship into fashionable design, complemented by 8 luxury-grade processes and accessories, defining 'luxury-grade comfortable goose down jacket' with excellent quality." 

"From landing in France, the UK, and Italy in September to the opening of a hundred stores and a simultaneous celebration of a thousand stores in October, Hongdou Comfortable Menswear showcases powerful brand confidence and a commitment to comfort. With the dedicated exploration of professionalism, it has created more popular and appealing comfortable products, earning recognition from the market and consumers, leading high-quality development in the new comfortable track."


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