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HOdo light goose down give warm to Liangshan children and complement precision poverty alleviation

On August 15th, the “HOdo Light Goose Down New Product Launch Conference and HOdo × Jingdong Crowdfunding Launching Meeting” was held at the headquarters of Jingdong Group. At the scene, HOdo Co., Ltd. (600400) brought its new winter series product "HOdo Light Goose Down". It is worth mentioning that through the launch of Jingdong Finance's Jingdong crowdfunding platform, HOdo Co., Ltd. promised to donate one down jacket to children in the Daliangshan as long as every 10 people buy a down jacket, which led to a public welfare project jointly initiated with China Youth UNICEF.



This time, HOdo Co., Ltd. tried launching new product with crowd-funding, advocating the innovative consumption poverty alleviation concept of "purchase = public welfare", which is another exploration to support regional poverty alleviation through market-oriented means. HOdo Co., Ltd. has always fulfilled social responsibility of listed companies with a win-win concept, helping the country accurately alleviate poverty.


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